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About Us

Shop Smart Nutrition’s, LLC is a small business located in beautiful city of Alpharetta, GA. Our mission is to make our pure and premium products an everyday part of your healthy holistic lifestyle.

With over decade years of experience and knowledge in self-healing our Founder Tareq Mahmud have created many proven products that can be applied in many health conditions and ailments. Please note we are not Doctors nor hold any medical certifications, our products are created based on research, trial, and errors.

We constantly improve our products to meet the highest standards of quality and value. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected].

About Shop Smart Nutrition's
Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values

We create natural remedies by harnessing the power of Nature and Science. We want to share powerful natural herbs, spices, tea for natural cure and well-being.

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